Teacher fired for child abuse
  • | | August 20, 2019 12:16 PM
A teacher at the Maple Bear Westlake Point Kindergarten in Hanoi has been accused of mistreating children at the school.


A teacher at the Maple Bear Westlake Point Kindergarten accused of mistreating children

The case was brought to light after parent Le Mai Linh asked the school to let her watch the security camera footage.

Linh said her child was three years old and a lively child. At first, her child was very eager to go to school but from June, he suddenly looked afraid and wanted to stay home. At night, he cried more often so Linh became suspicious and wanted to view the footage. When she asked to see the footage with the school, she was asked to return on another day.

After asking the school multiple times, she finally was able to see the footage and shocked at what she saw.

"At lunch, my child cried a lot and the teacher punished him or ignored him," she said. "I even saw the teacher lock another child in a cupboard."

Linh said given the tuition fees of VND20m (USD863) a month the school had been irresponsible.

Linh said, "Two teachers came to our house to explain but no one admitted their fault. Only when the media started investigating the case did the school representative call and ask for our forgiveness but didn't ask anything about my child."

On August 18, the school publicly apologised on its website. In the video, a teacher locked the child in a cupboard for 50 seconds because he was disobedient. The school strongly criticised the action and said that it was unacceptable.

The management board had held a meeting and fired the teacher in the clip.

"On behalf of all staff at Maple Bear, we sincerely apologise to the family and other children and parents," the announcement wrote.

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