Ha Tinh faces preschool teacher shortage
  • | | August 31, 2019 07:09 AM
The central province of Ha Tinh is facing a serious shortage of preschool teachers as the new school year begins.

Children in Nghi Xuan District, Ha Tinh Province

More than 2,000 three-year-old children in Nghi Xuan District cannot go to kindergartens because local schools don't have enough teachers.

In Cuong Gian Commune alone, 214 children at this age group have failed to find places at their nearest kindergarten.

Le Thi Thu who has a three-year-old daughter said that as she registered a bit late, the school told her that they cannot admit her child because they don't have enough teachers.

"Although there are many idle classrooms, the schools cannot find teachers to open more classes," Thu said. "I now don't know where to send my child as the only private school here is already full.

The headmaster of Cuong Gian Kindergarten, Phan Thi Manh, said that due to the sharp rise in the number of kindergarten-aged children in the area, the school cannot arrange enough teachers.

"At first we were planning to open seven classes but now we cannot find enough teachers so we can only open four classes which admit 100 children," she said, adding that the school has tried to call for applicants but this is the common situation which happens in neighbouring communes in the whole district.

Talking with Tien Phong Newspaper, deputy director of Nghi Xuan District Department of Education and Training, Dinh Thi Lan Huong, admitted that 2,050 children in the area were not admitted to preschool this year due to teacher shortage.

"The district lacks about 160 teachers for this school year," the official said. "We are finding it difficult to address this problem because many other districts are also facing the same problems."

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