Fund to promote GloNaCal talent at Korean school in HCM City
  • | | November 05, 2019 03:40 PM
The Asia Development Foundation (ADF) and COBI Group (COBI) have just announced a scholarship fund for the promotion of GloNaCal talent in the Korean International School (KIS) of Ho Chi Minh City.

ADF-COBI Scholarship will be established with USD500,000 in total, USD300,000 from ADF and USD200,000 from COBI, after signing the Memorandum of Understanding among three organisations - ADF, COBI, and KIS – at the opening ceremony of ‘Banyan Tree Hall,’ the hall of fame in KIS on November 5th. 

The scholarship will be provided to the students of KIS from a new semester in 2020.

The number of students of KIS has been increasing due to expanding interchange cooperation in various fields between Korea and Vietnam and a growing number of Korean firms in Vietnam. In the situation, the scholarship will be first delivered to the students who are from Korean-Vietnamese families in the financial difficulty.

ADF currently supports ’Bilingual class’, which helps the multicultural-based children to understand the language and culture of their mother’s country, ’Gift For Motherland’ program, which provides a 4-year scholarship to the students who want to study in their mother’s country, and ‘ADF Elite Scholarship Program’ offering the talented Southeast Asian university students full scholarships. Therefore, talented global citizens will be cultivated who can liaise between Korea and Southeast Asia in the future.  

ADF has also continuously supported various programs in the fields of medical care and cultural exchanges, to further strengthen the relationship between Korea and the Southeast Asian countries.  

KIM Joon-il, President of ADF and also Chairman of COBI, mentioned that he hopes the students of KIS would grow the futural ‘Bridge talents’ who can leap to the world with the specialties of both countries’ languages, history, and culture.  

SHIN Sun-ho, President of KIS, said that the students from Korean-Vietnamese families need to be aware of their own identity and dream to develop themselves as the ‘GloNaCal talents’ and appreciate the support for the students that they can continue moving towards their dreams.  

Founded in 2016, with a value statement of ‘Great Asia!’, ADF dreams of growing together with the Asian countries by spreading the positive power of Asian culture through the value of cooperation, exchange, and coexistence. 

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