Hanoi honours 125 teachers
  • | | November 12, 2019 12:13 PM
A ceremony was held on November 11 in Hanoi to honour 125 outstanding teachers at the Hanoi Teachers-Devotion and Innovation Award.


Hanoi honours 125 teachers on November 11

Some of the outstanding teachers are Nguyen Thi Bich Diep from Tan Mai Primary School, Pham Minh Ngoc from Mai Dich Nursery School, Vu Bich Phuong from Dich Vong Secondary School and Luu Thi Ha from Vietnam-Germany High School.

Diep was known for her passion and devotion for special-need children who has autism or attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Ngoc designed and used several different types of educational software to help children learn.

Phuong made a new curriculum for biology and Ha implemented many methods to make literature more fun.

Chu Xuan Dung, director of Hanoi Department of Education and Training, said Hanoi has 2,746 schools with 2,023,866 pupils. Many models and methods have been tried and applied to help the pupils and meet the demands of parents.

Hanoi still ranks first in the country as the city with high achievements in national and international contests. The pupils in Hanoi won 239 international medals and 155 national prizes. During the national high school exams, Hanoi had 166 tests with the highest grade of 10 and a graduation rate of 96.18%.

Many individuals and organisations with outstanding performances and achievements were also honoured.

This was the third annual Hanoi Teachers-Devotion and Innovation Awards.

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