Quang Tri Province in fight to eliminate adult illiteracy
  • By Dang Duc | | November 13, 2019 11:28 AM
Classes have been organised to eradicate adult illiteracy for people of Van Kieu ethnic minority group in Quang Tri Province.


Classes have been organised to eradicate adult illiteracy in Quang Tri Province

According to locals, they used to return home from the fields at 6-7 pm or even later. But after attending the course, they tried to organise their work so that they can take care of housework before studying.

"I like studying so I try to do everything quickly," said 35-year-old Ho Thi Hong.

Even when it was already late, she still went to the class and has never taken a leave of absence. Hong said her family was poor so she had to stay home to take care of her siblings when she was small.

60-year-old Ho Thi Hoa is the oldest student in the class. After three months, now she can read and write clearly. According to Hoa, she had to work to support her family and got married at 18 years old. She has seven children and 15 grandchildren.

The class often starts from 4.30-5 pm to 7 pm and taught by two teachers. All students are given school supplies.

The teachers had to go to each family to persuade the residents to study. At first, the class had 27 students. Many of them came because of curiosity and quitted after facing difficulties. The teachers kept persuading and emphasising the benefits of learning to keep students in the class. After many people realised the fun of studying, the number of students actually increased to 45.

Truong Quang Tien, one of two teachers, said they had to be very considerate and flexible in teaching since it is not easy to teach the elderly and adults with different backgrounds.

"We teach them what they want to learn. There are people wanted to read, others wanted to write or do mathematics. There is no fixed curriculum," Tien said.

Le Minh Quoc, head of Huong Linh Primary and Secondary School, said the class was opened in July in accordance with Huong Hoa District's programme to eradicate illiteracy. Huong Hoa District has 90 illiterate adults. The classes have been opened in Moi, Cu Vo and Cooc villages.

Quoc said the most difficult thing is to persuade the resident to go and stay in class. As of now, most of the students can read and write. When the course ends in December, the students will be at the same level as first to third-grade students.

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