International students overcome Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam
  • | tienphong, | April 08, 2020 09:41 AM
Many international students have decided to stay in Vietnam during the Covid-19 outbreak.


International students overcome Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam

Thai Nguyen University of Education has 265 foreign students from Laos, China, Mozambique and Nigeria. As of now 62 students still live at the university's dormitory. The university managers have issued notices and guidance in both Vietnamese and English to help the students through the outbreak.

The university can produce hand wash and has bought face masks for the students. The students have their body temperature taken daily and been helped to buy necessities. They also study online and have wifi maintained so they can stay in their room or go to the library.

Since the students' movements outside of the dormitory are limited from April 1 to 15, the university held a Lao New Year Festival and an international writing and film making event for the majority of Laotian students.

Hanoi National University of Education has 200 foreign students from South Korea, China and Laos. Many students have returned to their countries but 26 remain in Vietnam. The university has helped the remaining students provided them with updates on their Facebook page.

Shiori Kinoshita, a Japanese exchange student at Foreign Trade University in Hanoi, said he could feel the warmth and peace in Vietnam. In the letter, writing to the university's administration and asking to let him stay in Vietnam, Kinoshita said he knew the dangers and decided to stay in Vietnam because he really wanted to keep studying Vietnamese.

He said he had understood more about Vietnamese and many of his thoughts had changed. He also wants to contribute something to his host country.

Cuu Long University moved to teach online since March 30 and students were asked to stay inside their dormitories. Silimoungkhoun Souknilanh, vice head of the foreign student committee, said they were calm and went on studying as usual thanks to encouragements and advice from the embassies and the university's managers.

The students also exercise, plant vegetables and help other students study while staying inside the dormitory.

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