Private schools search for help amid Covid-19 difficulties
  • | laodong, | April 30, 2020 07:00 AM
41,000 teachers and employees in HCM City have been laid off temporarily or lost their jobs as private schools face shutdown threat.


Many nursery teachers lost jobs amid Covid-19 outbreak

The numbers were reported by the Department of Education and Training to the HCM City People's Committee. 80% of the teachers in the city were affected during the social distancing period, especially those in the private sector.

39,000 teachers were laid off temporarily, 29,700 of them were nursery teachers at private school, 1,500 people at public schools and the rest were at primary and secondary schools. Over 2,000 teachers didn't meet the requirements for unemployment benefits.

As students stay home, the private schools are struggling to find revenues and pay basic expenses including land rent fees, social insurances and staff wages. Newly-established schools are the hardest-hit as they have to pay bank loans and interest rates.

HCM City has 879 education facilities with 23,464 employees who are all affected by the outbreak. Many private schools, language centres and life-skill centres may shutdown at this rate. Even public schools are having difficulties in paying wages to contracted staff.

The Department of Education and Training suggested issuing support policies for private schools such as preferential loans or extending the deadlines for bank loans.

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