Gia Lai man donates and calls for land donation to build schools
  • | | May 05, 2020 01:02 PM
A man in Gia Lai Province has donated and called for the donation of thousands of square metres of land to build a new school for the children.

61-year-old Rah Lan Dyel or Thieu lives behind Nguyen Trai Primary School in Plei Trang Village, Phu Thien District.


Thieu donated and called for land donation for the children

Nguyen Van Linh, head of Nguyen Trai Primary School, said, "Thieu played an important role in persuading other villagers to relocate their graves and tombs and donate the land to build the school. He is like a father to hundreds of students at school."

Linh said in 2012, Nguyen Trai School was still a dilapidated house. Whenever it rained, the school also swayed with the winds and rains. Everyone lived in fear that it could collapse at any time. Surrounding the school are local graves and tombs.

The local authorities had always wanted to relocate the graves or the school to somewhere else. Thieu had worked with the authorities to help speed up the process.


Thieu and the children in front of the new school

In 2012, thanks to the Firefly Lantern Fund by the Vietnam Fund for Learning Promotion, a new school was built with eight classrooms and other study rooms that meet national standards. Thieu even donated 2,000 square metres of land along the National Highway 25 to build two more classrooms and a playground for the children.

The children often visited Thieu at his small house behind the school. Students that live far away have lunch with him before the afternoon classes.

"The school was built thank to the Firefly Lantern Fund, local authorities and especially Thieu. He had made a great effort in persuading other villagers," Linh said.

Nguyen Thi Hoa, head of Phu Thien District Department of Education and Training, said, "With the new school, the students will not have to study among the graves or inside the deteriorating room."

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