Public question wearing of face shields at school
  • | | May 06, 2020 10:56 AM
Some people have questioned whether primary students should wear face masks and face shields all day long at school.


Primary students at Nui Thanh School in Danang City wear both face masks and face shields

The problem was raised after a photo was uploaded on the internet, showing primary students at Nui Thanh Primary School in Danang wearing both face masks and face shields during class as they sit close to each other. Many people said it is too suffocating for the children.

Tran Thi Thuy Ha, head of Hai Chau District Department of Education and Training, confirmed that when the students returned to school on May 4, parents of a class at Nui Thanh School wore face masks and face shields for their children. Ha said the departments of education of wards and districts do not ask students to wear face shields.

"As I know it, the parent committee agreed to let the children wear face shields in class and there's only one class that does so. The official documents of ward and district authorities do not require face shields," she said.


Children return to schools in Danang on May 4

Dr Truong Huu Khanh from Children's Hospital 1 in HCM City said wearing face shields was not necessary. Khanh said the face shield is recommended for doctors who have direct contact with patients and sellers who make contact with lots of people. Students who sit in class and face the same direction do not require it.

Students may wear a face shield during break times when they talk a lot with each other. But since small children are very active, running or playing with a face shield may lead to accidents.

There are also controversies over whether students should wear face masks at schools since the weather is getting hotter by the day and schools are banned from using air conditioners. Some parents with nursery children said they might let their children stay home next week if they have to wear face masks.

Tran Huyen, a parent in Cam Le District, said, "They are still small and the weather is too hot, forcing them to wear face masks for a long period of time is too much."

However, wearing face masks is required and many parents still make their children wear face masks. According to an educator in Danang, children can be more flexible and take off the masks during certain times.

According to WHO, the ideal temperature for virus spread is below 25 degrees. There have been opinions that schools can turn on air-conditioners at under 30 degrees to help the children cope with the summer as the temperatures in some places has risen to 40 degrees recently.

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