Mountainous students in Gia Lai struggling with challenges
  • By Pham Hoang | | May 25, 2020 07:49 AM
Many students in a mountainous district of the Central Highlands Province of Gia Lai have to study at a makeshift classroom which does not have any fans or lights.

The classroom belongs to the branch of Mang Yang District’s A Lao Primary School located at A Lao Village. The branch has six classrooms with 147 students who are all from the ethnic minority of Ba Na.

A Lao is a very poor village so local people’s understanding of learning remains modest. So, every day, the school teachers often go to class early to check the number of students and come to houses of those who are absent to encourage them to return school.


The temporary classroom does not have any fans or lights

Teachers try to call for donor support to help the children through the donation of school things, footwear and clothes.

Thanks to the teachers’ effort, around 90% of local pupils study at the A Lao branch.

It is common to hear teachers urge their students to come to school at around 6 am in every corner of the village.

Among six classrooms of the branch, one, which is built with steel sheets is for 20 students.

Amid the blazing hot weather, there is no electricity and any fan in the classroom. 


All of the students from the school is from the ethnic minority group of Ba Na

Chhoi, the classroom’s teacher, said that due to the classroom shortage, the school has to use this one. When it rains, students can’t learn due to the leaks. Early this year, the only electric bulb of the class was stolen. He hoped that a new classroom would soon be built to replace the current building.

The branch in A Lao Village also faces water shortage. For years, the school has to take water from the mountains to use, but drought has made this harder.

Luckily, a road has been built to help students to go to school more easily.

Nguyen Vinh Hoang, deputy head of Mang Yang District, said that in the 2020-2021, local authorities have planned to build new classrooms in A Lao Village.

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