Online training programmes with foreign universities circular issued
  • | tienphong, | October 13, 2020 06:09 AM
The Ministry of Education and Training has issued a new circular about online affiliate programmes with foreign universities for bachelor, doctorate and master degrees.


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The total online training time must not be over 30% of the programme's lecturing time. The training programmes of foreign universities must be verified and recognised by their respective country's educational authorities.

For bachelor degree, the programmes which are carried out at foreign universities and online programmes at Vietnamese universities must be the same faculty and major.

For master and doctorate degrees, online training time must not be from 20-30% of the total programme's training time. Both programmes at Vietnamese universities and foreign universities must be the same major.

According to the circular, the scale of the affiliate programmes will be decided on the criteria about equipment, library, laboratory, the lecturers and other employees involved in the programme. Such criteria must not be the same as the ones used to calculate the total enrollment quota of educational facilities.

The students will take tests to assess their learning results which can be searched for at least five years after graduation in case there is an inspection.

Students' information and training profiles will be saved permanently at both Vietnamese and overseas education facilities.

The circular will take effect from November 20.

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