Ho Chi Minh City parents complain about poor school meals
  • | | November 13, 2020 01:14 PM
Hundreds of parents have sent letters to local authorities in Ho Chi Minh City to complain about the poor-quality school meals served to their children at Tran Thi Buoi Primary School.

Parents attend a meeting with the management board of Tran Thi Buoi Primary School in Ho Chi Minh City about school meals served to their children.

In their complaints sent to seven concerned agencies including the municipal people's committee, Department of Education and Training, and the Food Safety Management Board, the parents wanted local authorities to carry out investigations on food safety and school meal prices at Tran Thi Buoi Primary School.

According to the parents, they have recently seen very poor quality meals served to their children at the school and they don’t reflect the amount of money they are paying.

The parents also sent some photos of the rotten vegetables, cooking oil being reused many times, and cheap pork pies which they took at the school's kitchen.

Some foods found at the school's kitchen.

The parents said they were very annoyed and wanted local authorities to quickly investigate and deal with the situation to ensure fair treatment and protect their children's health.

Earlier, the parents shared photos of their children having lunch with just some rice, fried eggs, vegetable soup and a banana, and breakfast with just some noodles, some small slices of pork and a boiled quail egg.

Children having lunch with just rice, fried egg, vegetable soup and banana.


Breakfast with just some noddles and pork.

The parents have had meetings with the school but are not satisfied with the school's explanations.

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