Hundreds of students unable to return to schools after floods
  • | vov, | November 18, 2020 07:34 PM
More than 800 students in Quang Nam Province's Phuoc Son District have been unable to return to school 20 days after the recent floods as their school facilities were badly damaged.


Quang Nam school suffers massive damage after storm and floods.

Over 400 students at Phuoc Thanh Primary and Secondary School are still unable to return to school as the flood in October badly damaged the dormitory and the staff rooms. The land from the river bank to near the school gate eroded, causing difficulties in accessing the site.

Tra Van Nhieu, director of Phuoc Thanh Primary and Secondary School, said the school had 422 students, 100 of whom stayed at the dormitory. In order for the students to return to school, they would have to clear the roads connecting Phuoc Kim and Phuoc Thanh communes. After that, they can buy new equipment and repair the schools.

"The homes of many students were damaged or flooded so their school supplies were also either damaged or swept away," he said.


A school in Phuoc Thanh Commune.

Many landslides occurred across Quang Nam Province, killing four students at Phuoc Loc Primary and Secondary Ethnic Boarding School and injuring one student at Phuoc Thanh Primary and Secondary School. Erosion and landslides continue threatening the safety of students and teachers.

Kim Thanh Loc Nursery School is being used as a shelter for the locals in Phuoc Kim Commune so it is unable to reopen.

Vo Thi Le, head of the Department of Education and Training in Phuoc Son District, said they had tried to deal with the consequences but they can hardly do anything more as the roads connecting to Phuoc Thanh and Phuoc Loc communes are still blocked.

Le Tri Thanh, chairman of Quang Nam People's Committee, asked localities departments of education to have plans to reopen schools as soon as possible.

"Schools should work with local authorities to have suitable plans to deal with blocked roads," he said.

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