Vietnam aims for top 400 universities for maths
  • | | December 23, 2020 07:28 PM
Vietnam aims to have five educational institutions among top 500 universities for maths in 2030 and two institutions in top 400 to realise the National Programme for Mathematics Development for the 2021-2030 period.


Vietnam wins four gold medals at Int'l Mathematical Olympiad 2017.

The programme was approved by the PM on December 22. According to the programme, 80% of the main teachers and lecturers will be trained to meet the new curriculum requirements.

In order to boost mathematics education, there must be more quality maths works and research. Awards will be given to outstanding work. Support will be given to teachers and lecturers to carry out research and applied maths. Priority will be given to applied maths in major fields, especially artificial intelligence, data science, information security and safety, environment and climate change.

Conferences will be held more regularly among state agencies, schools, universities and firms about applied maths. Conferences about modern maths teaching methods will also be held as a way to improve the general education programme. Some universities and colleges will be given support to become a maths centre in the northern region, central region, Central Highlands and southern region.

The authorities will promote more international co-operation in the field of research, application and training. They will help to boost maths education in ASEAN and Asia in general to improve the position of Vietnam in the region. At least two international conferences will be held in the period of 2021-2030 for better exchange between local and foreign mathematicians.

The fund for the programme will come from the state budget, private sector and other sources in and outside of Vietnam.

The Ministry of Education and Training will implement the programme and has the responsibility to organise the collaboration between agencies, set up detailed plans and guidance. An executive board will be set up with the representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam Mathematical Society and other education institutions.

The Vietnam Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics will be responsible for the review and assessment of the plans and actions and report to the PM any difficulties as well as solutions.

The Minister of Education and Training, heads of provincial and city people's committees and other related agencies must oversee this programme.

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