Multi-million dollar environment projects give fetid smell
  • | Vietnamnet | June 19, 2012 04:27 PM

Suffering from the terrible smell coming out from the newly set up manhole covers within the frame of the waste water treatment project-- capitalized at tens of millions of USD, hundreds of households in Lang Co town in Thua Thien Hue province have to seal the manholes with cement.


The solid waste treatment plant in Thuy Loc commune 

The project on the urban environment improvement in Lang Co town has the total estimates of USD15.3 million, or VND250 billion. The project has three component sub-projects, including the rain water, domestic waste water drainage system; the waste water treatment plan and the waste treatment factory in Loc Thuy commune.

Ironically, the environment protection project has been causing serious environment problems. The system of pipes for waste water drainage with the length of more than 20 kilometres has been seriously polluting the Lang Co town area, where there are many high grade resorts and thousands of households living.

Those, who arrive in An Cu Dong 2 hamlet these days, would have to breathe the terrible smell form the manhole covers. The streets have been inundated all the time, no matter it shines or rains. It is because the waste water from the sewers spread to the streets.

Vo Duc Giao, a local resident, said that he and other dwellers cannot sleep at night because they have been tortured with the terrible smell form the manhole covers.

“We decided to spend our own money to buy cement which we used to fill in the manhole cover,” he said.

Le Thi Ngoc Mai, whose house is 100 metres far from Giao’s, also complained that she is suffering from another manhole cover right in front of her house.

“Though I myself covered the manhole, the people crossing here sometimes break it. Therefore, the terrible smells still can spread out, especially in the evening,” she said.

“We have to stay inside the house with closed doors and windows,” she complained.

About 20 manhole covers were seen on a stretch of road with the length of 3 kilometres. It was estimated that 15 manholes have been covered with cement.

The same situation can be seen in An Cu Dong hamlet. The ways here have always been flooded, while waste water has even been attacking people’s houses. The guest houses, restaurants and resorts along the 1A Highway in Lang Co town have also suffered, but the pollution level is not too bad.

The project goes at snail’s speed

Tran Cao Phong, a senior official of the Lang Co people’s committee, said the waste water treatment project is causing pollution to 60-65 percent of households in six hamlets. Meanwhile, tens of resorts have also suffered because guests keep away from the polluted areas.

People have been complaining about the pollution and the local authorities have asked the investor – the Hue City Urban Works and Environment Company – to settle the problems.

“They promised that a new pumping machine would be available mid-year to transfer all the waste water to the plant. However, no such machine has been seen,” Phong said. Meanwhile, the Lang Co bay festival would take place on June 16-17.

Meanwhile, Doan Sy Son, Deputy General Director of the company has blamed on the bad calculation by the contractor, saying that due to many reasons, the project, which initially was scheduled to finish in late 2011, has been delayed.

In fact, this is not for the first time people in the ancient capital city suffer from the waste water treatment plants.

Some days ago, local newspapers reported that the solid waste treatment factory in Phu Loc district of Hue City, capitalized at USD3.5 million, has been left idle over the last year, since the day the construction finished. While rubbish has been spread out everywhere, the waste treatment plant still keeps quiet.

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