Vietnam needs USD7.6 bln for environmental protection
  • | VNA | June 23, 2012 05:00 AM

Vietnam ’s 16 economic sectors need almost USD7.6 billion for environmental protection, especially the aquatic sector with USD1 billion needed.

Dang Van Loi, Deputy Director of the Pollution Control Department under the Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA) said only 65 percent of 180 functional industrial zones nationwide were equipped with waste water treatment systems by the end of last year.

Each day, major urban areas dump an estimated 29,800 tonnes of solid waste. Of that, about 83 percent is collected and treated. In rural areas, the figure was about 30,500 tonnes per day with only 60 percent of it collected for treatment.

Up to now, 17 cities and provinces nationwide are in the process of approving solid waste management plans while another 25 localities are drawing up plans. The remainder, are giving consideration to the issue.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is working on a master plan to treat solid wastes in three key economic zones, including seven waste treatment facilities being built between now and 2020 at a total cost of nearly USD600 million.

According to the VEA, in addition to issuing policy to develop environmental science and raising public awareness of environmental protection, Vietnam needs to attract more domestic and foreign businesses, with a view to turning waste into useful products or energy using modern technology.

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