Scientists want more green space
  • | VNS | September 11, 2012 07:16 PM

Faced with the global problem of climate change, HCM City should adopt comprehensive measures to develop its green space to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, an academic has said.

 Trees are planted at HCM City-based Can Gio World Biosphere Reserve

Dr Che Dinh Ly, deputy director of the HCM City National University's Institute of Environment and Natural Resources, told a seminar called "Develop urban green space in the situation of climate change" held in the city last Friday that there should be more incentives for building garden houses, planting trees at home, and protect trees in public spaces.

Construction and architecture curricula should include climate change and ways to combat it so that, after they graduate, they can carry out urban projects that meet these requirements, he said.

He pointed to Storm Pakhar, the first one of the year, on April 17 as an example of the extraordinary changes to the weather caused by climate change. The southern region normally only gets storms during the rainy season which starts in May.

It blew down 683 large trees, including 136 lim xet (Peltophorum pterocarpum), and 118 so khi (Khaya senegalensis).

Dr Dinh Quang Diep of the HCM City Agriculture and Forestry University blamed the poor infrastructure for this.

Pavements are dug up often damaging tree roots and leading to their easy collapse, he said, pointing out many of the so khi trees fell because of this.

Besides the root systems of many trees like lim xet make them inappropriate for growing in urban areas, he said.

The city needs a long-term programme to develop green space, and not merely for aesthetic reasons but also to adapt to climate change, he added.

The conference was organised by the city-owned HCM City Green Tree and Park Company.

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