Biological product wins Vietnamese Talents Awards
  • By Pham Thanh | dtinews.vn | November 20, 2013 05:52 PM
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A biological product, which turns household waste into organic fertilizer, has won the Environment Protection prize at the Vietnamese Talents Awards 2013.


 Waste turns into organic fertilizer

The award was announced at a granting ceremony on November 20 evening. The product was created by the Centre for Applied Science and Technology Advancements and Ho Son Commune Agricultural Extension Centre.

Nham Duc Cai, an employee on a farm in Ho Son Commune, Tam Dao District, said most of the locals there have expanded their farms so the area currently has around 14 large farms instead of small farming households. However, they also suffer from pollution because farmers burn their waste after harvest.

"Since the Centre for Applied Science and Technology Advancements provided their biological products, farmers can turn waste into fertilizer thereby decreasing pollution." Cai said.

For the last two years, the farmers have also gradually abandoned the habit of using fresh manure as fertilizer because some manure is slow to break down and causes harm to crops.

Phung Thi Nga, Director of the Centre for Applied Science and Technology Advancements said the manufacturing technology was transferred from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology in 2008. In 2010, they were able to produce 100 tonnes. Currently, they are expanding production in order to meet the growing demand of farmers in other provinces such as Yen Bai.

According to Professor Nguyen Van Hieu, Vinh Phuc has taken the initiative in dealing with pollution in rural areas while many provinces are facing great difficulties. If this technology is applied, farmers can save on expenses while reducing pollution.

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