Appearance of wild bulls peaks villagers' curiousity
  • | ld, dtinews.vn | July 09, 2014 01:00 PM
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After the rumoured appearance of will bulls, an endangered creature in the area emerged, villagers in Phu Yen Province began searching for the animals, said to have left the forest to forage in their crops, just to catch a glimpse.


A wild bull

On June 30, Le Quoc Son, a local from Dong Hoi Village reported two large animals had been wandering around a local stream, 2km from the village. He said that each night, the animals approached the village to eat from the fields. Around 3,000 square metres of corn has been destroyed.

According to Son, everyone thinks that the two animals are gaurs (bos gaurus) because their bodies are black brown but the hair near the feet is while. They also have large horns. Out of curiosity, many people decided to visit the forest at night to see the animals with their own eyes.

Dang Chi Hau, Chairman of Xuan Quang 1 Commune People's Committee confirmed that there are wild animals destroyed villagers' crops. "We waited near the forest and saw a suspected gaur go into the fields to eat. We reported the case to the authorities of Dong Xuan District and the forest rangers of Dong Xuan," he said.

Authorities advised residents to stay away from the locations where the animals are known to roam. An official from Dong Xuan Commune Forest Ranger Unit said they were trying to verify the information and would do everything possible to prevent the animals from clashing with villagers since gaurs are an endangered species in Vietnam.

On May 26, a gaur suddenly came from the forest and went on a rampage in Dai Lanh Commune, Quang Nam Province, killing one and injuring three.

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