Students learn to protect endangered doucs
  • | tienphong, dtinews.vn | January 02, 2015 01:54 PM

A nature conservation centre in Danang City has organised education trips for students to learn about wild animals in local forests, including the rare and endangered red-shanked douc langur, pygathrix nemaeus, of which only a few hundred still exist.

In late December, more than one hundred students from four schools, and 31 parents, in Son Tra District went on a trip organised by Green Viet Biodiversity Conservation Centre, a non-governmental organisation in Vietnam, to observe wild animals.

"Our plan was to organise a trip for students but it was expanded for parents since many people showed interests in the trip," the director of Green Viet, Tran Huu Vy, said. "Even officials from the Department of Education and Training, Department of Home Affairs and the Consulate General of US in HCMC also participated."

During the trip, students were introduced to the rare red-shanked douc langur, which displays five colours and is the most colourful of primates. The douc, which is on both Vietnam's and the IUCN's Red List of endangered species, is facing extinction because of shrinking forest land. There are about 300 doucs in the forests of Son Tra District.


 Red-shanked douc langurs in Danang.

Nguyen Thi Trang, a student on the trip, said this is the first time she saw a douc, "They look gentle and live with each other like a large family. After this trip, I'll draw pictures and tell my friends about them to protect their living environment."

At the end of the trip, students were surprised with a Christmas party, decorated with their own pictures of red-shanked doucs.


Students and parents eagerly take picture of rare doucs

In March 2014, Green Viet launched a programme to raise awareness about natural reserves and biodiversity at several schools in Son Tra District.

Nguyen Thi Truong, a teacher at Ly Tu Trong Secondary School, said, "Not just the students, even we teachers are able to learn more about the biodiversity in the forest of our city."

The director of Green Viet, Tran Huu Vy, said the students were enthusiastic, asking many question about douc that made them find out even more about this species.

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