Communal headquarters surrounded over waste treatment project
  • By Tran Le | dtinews.vn | October 05, 2015 03:38 PM

Hundreds of people in Thanh Hoa Province surrounded the Thanh Son communal headquarters to oppose a decision to build a waste treatment plant because of economic and environmental concerns.


Waste treatment facility planned to build near Rac Rice Field, by Nga Mountain

The project is part of a provincial plan to build a main waste treatment facility for four northern communes -- Hai Chau, Hai Ninh, Thanh Thuy and Thanh Son.

Local residents of Thanh Son Commune say the facility will be built near the Rac Rice Field, at Nga Mountain. They have expressed opposition to this decision multiple times.

More than 100 people signed on a letter of opposition to the district and provincial authorities. The locals said the size of their agriculture lands will be affected. Moreover, the facility may cause pollution to the air and water.

On October 2, hundreds of people surrounded the communal headquarters to stop the project.


People surround headquarters of Thanh Son Commune

Pham Van Nhiem, deputy chairman of Tinh Gia District, said opposition began when a field survey team examined the proposed location. Construction has not yet begun.

Nguyen Xuan Thuy, Party Secretary of Tinh Gia District, said the local populace has been invited to a group meeting to try to reach an amicable solution.

"It will be difficult if they don't let us build the waste site anywhere," he said.

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