Dead seaweed washed up in Quang Binh Province
  • | dtinews.vn, VietnamNet | July 05, 2016 08:37 AM
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Seaweed has been found dead along one hundred of metre of coastal line in the central province of Quang Binh’s Quang Trach District.

The phenomenon has been seen at the area between Quang Phu and Quang Dong communes. The dead seaweed is also mixed with oyster and crab shells.


Dead seaweed washed up in Quang Binh Province

Speaking with reporters, Phan Ngoc Duy, Chairman of Quang Trach District, said that local authorities have sent samples of seaweed for testing. Local residents are also called for the dead seaweed to be collected as part of efforts to clean the sea.

He added that in previous years, seaweed also used to drift ashore, but was still fresh. However, this year, it has already died.

Nguyen Thi Lai in Quang Dong Commune said that between April and July every year, collecting seaweed to sell for food processing and production was a source of money for many local households, as one hundreds of kilos of seaweed would provide VND500,000 (USD23.8).

Each person can earn VND7-10 million per month. However, this year, the dead seaweed has left them penniless.

Quang Binh is among the four central provinces affected by the mass fish deaths caused by the discharge of toxic wastewater of Formosa’s steel plant in Ha Tinh Province.

Formosa recently issued a public apology to the Vietnamese for causing severe environmental pollution, and pledged a total compensation of USD500 million.

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