Hanoi seeks flooding solutions
  • By Quang Phong | dtinews.vn | August 09, 2016 02:41 PM

Hanoi authorities held a conference with international experts to address the impact of climate change and urbanisation on the capital's flood control capacity.


Flooding in Hanoi's southwest area

Vietnam and Hanoi are feeling the impacts of climate change. Because the city's central area is about six metres higher than sea level and the tilt of 55% of the city is less than 10%, Hanoi has to find ways to pump water out or face serious flooding. In addition, increasing amount of waste water is putting more pressure on the old sewer system.

Many experts blamed poor planning of pump stations, lack of monitoring system and irregular operation. Hong Yuan Lee from the National Taiwan University said Hanoi needed to hold water upstream, reduce flooding in the middle and prevent flooding downstream.

Experts from Malaysia's JAKS Corporation suggested dual purpose tunnels, storm water management and smart road tunnels that had been built in Malaysia. The three-storey tunnel can be used as both storm water and motorway tunnel to address the capital’s flooding and traffic problems. The government can easily close the motorway section for flood operations when needed.

Meanwhile, the experts from Tokyo said the capital needed short and long-term plans to effectively deal with its problem. One of the plans for urgent case is underground water storage, mobile pump stations and a comprehensive monitoring and flood warning system. Hanoi was advised to set up an emergency operational centre and build flood prevention plans.

Hanoi's chairman Nguyen Duc Chung said they would gather all opinions and solutions to find the most suitable models for the city.

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