Hai Phong lake colour change mystery
  • | dtinews.vn | January 06, 2017 09:11 AM

Visitors have flocked to a 30-ha lake in Hai Phong City over the past month after the water suddenly changed colour.

The bright blue lake water has turned An Son Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, into an attraction. Hundreds of people visit the lake daily to witness the water and speculate on why it suddenly changed colour.


The bright blue lake water has turned An Son Commune into an attraction

According to heads of Thuy Nguyen District, this lake is a flooded quarry. Firms were given permits for quarrying in this area to produce cement and other construction materials. However, many people illegally dug deep into the ground afterwards and the lake is now 30 to 40 metres deep.

Some local people speculated that the lake might have been affected by limestone mountains or excessive explosive might have been swept into the lake by the rains. The water colour looks beautiful but no plants or fish can survive.


Visitors taking photos by the lake

Even though visitors are attracted by the beautiful colour, the environment in the area is in fact heavily polluted by a huge amount of dust.

It's still unclear whether the water is safe but due to increasing number of visitors, many services have been opened by the lake. Visitors are compelled to pay VND50,000 (USD2.21) car parking fee or VND10,000-20,000 for a motorbike, by parking attendants who are particularly forceful.

An Son Commune’s local authorities are investigating the change in water colour.

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