West Lake covered with rubbish after floating restaurants dismantled
  • | dtinews.vn, TP | March 07, 2017 06:43 AM
 >>  Floating houses on West Lake removed
Many areas of the West Lake are being covered with rubbish left after floating restaurants were removed.

From February 23, Tay Ho District authorities began dismantling floating restaurants on the West Lake following instructions from Hanoi People’s Committee. The removal is required to be finished before March 10.

However sections of the lake along Thanh Nien and Nguyen Dinh Thi streets are full of bad-smelling rubbish. The rubbish contains both debris from dismantled floating restaurants and household wastes from surrounding areas which were previously hidden by wharves and floating restaurants.

Some photos of the lake taken on March 6:


Some wharves being dismantled



Household wastes and debris from dismantled floating restaurants



Bad smell from the rubbish


Iron fences set up at some areas where floating restaurants were removed


The seriously polluted water of the lake


A corner of Nguyen Dinh Thi Street

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