Huge landfill pollutes Sam Son Beach
  • | dtinews.vn, NLD | August 11, 2017 06:09 AM
The landfill in Thanh Hoa Province’s Sam Son Town has become overloaded for many years, affecting the lives of local people and polluting Sam Son Beach.

The dumping site, located at Trung Son Ward, smells and pollutes the air and water sources. The water from the site flows into Do River which directly runs to Sam Son Beach.




The huge landfill threatening Sam Son Beach

Meanwhile, the number of people with respiratory diseases has increased over the past years. Some households have moved to another place to avoid the pollution.

The garbage dump covering 2ha was opened in 1997. Every day, it receives over 150 cubic metres of waste.

In 2014, Thanh Hoa Province’s authorities approved a VND26 billion (USD1.18 million) project to upgrade the dump; however, the work has remained on paper to date. 

Over the past days, people in Nga Giap Commune, Thanh Hoa’s Nga Son District have also strongly opposed Thung Luy dumping site which have seriously polluted the environment. They even set up tents near the site for the opposition.

For many years, Thung Luy dumping ground has resulted in bad sell and polluted the air and water. Despite being informed many times, the local authorities have not taken any measures to deal with the problem.

Rubbish is now burnt. Polluting the air.




Rubbish at Thung Luy landfill is often burnt



People even set up tents near Thung Luy dumping site for the opposition.

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