Director detained for huge forest destruction crime
  • By Doan Cong | dtinews.vn | October 10, 2017 07:20 PM
 >>  Binh Dinh investigates huge forest destruction crime
Director of Thuong Thao Trade and Investment JSC Le Van Thiet has been detained for an investigation into the destruction of 61 hectares of forest in An Hung Commune, Binh Dinh Province.


61 hectares of forest destroyed.

Nguyen An Ninh, deputy head of Binh Dinh police force confirmed on October 9 that they had the order to detain Thiet for four months to serve the investigation. Ninh said they would prosecute Thiet who is suspected to be the mastermind behind the crime.

Thiet has worked in construction and agriculture. After a pineapple project failed, he rented land to grow trees. Since 2015, he piloted several programmes such as organic farm to make La Vuong Mountain into an agro-forestry eco-tourism area.

On September 20, the provincial police also detained two men Nguyen Van Ri and Phan De. In June, Ri and De hired many people to illegally destroy the forest in An Hung Commune.

Chairman of Binh Dinh Province People's Committee Ho Quoc Dung ordered a thorough investigation, saying that the system would have failed if they couldn't find the person responsible.

An Lao District authorities discovered that a vast stretch of forested land had been destroyed at the end of August. Local authorities claimed they were unaware of the massive deforestation taking place.

26.6 cubic metres of timber were found at a wood chip processing factory owned by the Thuong Thao Company in Tuong Son Village, Hoai Son Commune. According to Binh Dinh Province, the company may have destroyed the forest to illegally plant seven hectares of acacia. The acacia was removed.

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