US-Vietnamese tie up to develop $50-million recycling facility
  • | VIR | February 28, 2018 03:30 PM
GFSI-MHE Manufacturing of Texas LLC signed a memorandum of understanding with Minh Hung Group of Vietnam to build and operate Southeast Asia’s largest recycling production facility in Vietnam.

The two sides inked the MoU to develop a world-class recycling facility in Vietnam

Located in the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang, the facility has an estimated investment of $50 million. Once put into operation in 2019, the facility will manufacture plywood from recycled fibre glass.

Under the agreement, GFSI-MHE Manufacturing of Texas LLC will provide the technology, operational experience, and equipment for this process. MH Group, along with Minh Hung Group, will provide the investment and commercial expertise to drive the initiative.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam discharges around 28.5 million tonnes of solid waste per year, most of which is buried in landfills. There are several polluted landfills due to the lack of an adequate collection system, leachate treatment, and recycling technologies.

The large waste discharge poses challenges to environmental protection but presents opportunities to convert it into industrial materials and energy. The solution offered by GFSI-MHE Manufacturing of Texas LLC will help recycle a large volume of waste, including old composites and fibre glass.

Minh Hung Group is among the 80 enterprises holding the Vietnam Value 2016 certification by the Vietnamese government and has received many important and coveted awards, such as the Top 500 Fastest Growing Enterprises in Vietnam and the Top 500 Biggest Private Enterprises in Vietnam.

GFSI-MHE Manufacturing of Texas LLC is a joint venture (JV) between the US' Global Fiberglass Solutions Inc. (GFSI) and Canada's MHGroup. The company recycles spent and damaged fibre glass wind turbine blades into a plywood and sheetrock substitute material known as Ecopolypanel™ at its large-scale JV manufacturing facility in the US.

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