Flood barrier project unfinished as rainy season nears
  • | tienphong, dtinews.vn | May 07, 2018 04:01 AM
HCM City’s VND10trn (USD440m) tidal drainage has stalled even though the rainy season is approaching.


Flood barrier project is unfinished

The system is supposed to control tidal flooding and minimise the effect of climate change for the 570-square-kilometre area with 6.5 million population. The construction started in June 2016 and was expected to be completed in June 2019. The HCM City People's Committee then brought the deadline forward to April 30, 2018, which the investors promised to meet.

However, it is still unfinished and many workers stopped working.

A resident in District 7, Nguyen Van Phuong, said last year, the tides overflew the embankment and flooded the area around Tran Xuan Soan Street. Some places were under half a metre of water. The locals were disappointed that the tidal drainage project is not completed.

Another resident, Nguyen Thi Nam said Huynh Tan Phat Street in Nha Be District was easily flooded. She raised the house's floor to one metre to no avail.

"Vehicles running on this road often got their engines flooded. I was hoping that my house won't be flooded this year," she said.

The project's investor, Trung Nam Group, said 70% of the project had been completed but they had submitted the announcement to halt the project because the city people's committee hasn't approved to disburse the fund.

Aside from slow disbursement, the ground clearance and compensation tasks haven't completed. Nguyen Tam Tien, head of Trung Nam Group said the locals were very supportive. If the ground clearance task had been completed on time, they could have had a test run on April 30 or in May.

"This is a complicated project that has construction in six districts. So I understand that ground clearance can't be done quickly," Tien said.

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