Quang Ngai residents protest over foul waste treatment site
  • | nguoilaodong, dtinews.vn | July 10, 2018 12:00 PM
Many people in Nghia Ky Commune, Quang Ngai Province, have blocked rubbish trucks from entering the waste treatment plant due to the unsanitary nature of the site.


Rubbish piling up in Quang Ngai

As the result, over 800 tonnes of rubbish has piled up in Quang Ngai City since July 6. According to the locals, the rubbish dumping and treatment at Nghia Ky Waste Treatment Plant has badly affected their lives.

Truong Minh Khuong, deputy head of Quang Ngai Urban Environment JSC said they collected the rubbish in the city and another unit deals with the treatment. "We can't collect the rubbish inside the city until the authorities work with the locals living near the plant and deal with this case," he said.

In order to deal with the piled up rubbish in the city, Khuong sent out employees with deodorants to temporarily get rid of the smell.

Pham Tan Hoang, chairman of Quang Ngai City, said Nghia Ky was the only waste treatment plant for several locations including Quang Ngai City and Tu Nghia District. Quang Ngai City generates over 270 tonnes of rubbish a day alone. The provincial authorities will hold a meeting with the locals on July 10.

Nghia Ky Waste Treatment Plant is invested by the Northern Investment and Development Company. It went into operation on March 15 to replace the overloaded dumping site. However, its equipment is still incomplete.

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