Life under Long Bien Bridge revealed
  • | dtinews.vn, LD | August 01, 2018 04:36 PM

Long Bien Bridge is one of Hanoi’s most iconic landmarks. However, it is being seriously polluted by large amounts of rubbish. 

Every day, people who live under the bridge at Phuc Xa Ward, Ba Dinh District, have to face the smell of rubbish along with the sewage. 

The pollution has recently worsened as the water level of Red River is rising due to heavy rains. 



Piles of rubbish under the bridge 

The rubbish fully covers the sewer. 

Decayed fruit 

Workers often rest under Long Bien Bridge. Most of them are from other localities and they come to Hanoi to work. 

This area is known for it's run-down and very small six square metre rooms. 


The Red River’s water level is rising, bringing more rubbish to the area.

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