Water discharge affects To Lich River clean-up
  • By Quang Phong | dtinews.vn | July 17, 2019 08:35 PM
The recent water discharge into To Lich River in Hanoi has affected the pilot river pollution treatment project using Japanese technology.

Dr. Tadashi Yamamura, president of the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO), has proposed the prime minister, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Hanoi People’s Committee extend the pilot To Lich River clean-up project using Nano-Bioreactor technology for another two months.


To Lich River

According to Yamamura, the discharge of up to 1.5 million cubic metres of water into To Lich River has swept away the entire useful micro-organisms in the river created by Nano-Bioreactor technology over the past two months.

If the project was carried out in the whole river, it would be no problem, but it is on a section of just 300 metres.

“We will have to restart the project again which would mean taking at least a month before conducting a test to assess the pollution treatment result”, said the Japanese expert.

The Japanese side has asked for the trial project extension until July 17.

Earlier, on July 9, Hanoi Sewage and Drainage Ltd. Company pumped more than 1 million cubic metres of water from West Lake into To Lich River to reduce the water level in West Lake during the rainy season.

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