Localities asked to brace for newly-formed tropical depression near East Sea
  • | Nhan Dan | September 01, 2019 07:00 AM
The Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control has sent an emergency notice to the coastal cities and provinces from Quang Ninh to Khanh Hoa concerning a response to a newly formed tropical depression near the East Sea.

A satellite cloud image of the tropical depression.

According to the newsletter of the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting (NCHMF), a tropical depression has appeared near the East Sea, about 120 kilometres north of the Philippines’ Luzon.

As of 7am on September 1, the tropical depression’s centre is forecast to be 18.7 degrees north latitude and 118.5 degrees east longitude, about 770 kilometres to the northeast of Hoang Sa (Paracel) Archipelago, packing winds of 40-60 kilometres per hour.

In the next 24-48 hours, the tropical depression will move westwards at a speed of 20-25 kilometres per hour and could gain further vigour to become a storm.

The danger zone in the East Sea in the next 24-48 hours will be 16 degrees north latitude and 112 degrees east longitude (to be adjusted in the next forecasting newsletters).

In order to proactively cope with the tropical depression, the standing office of the Central Steering Committee asked the steering committees for disaster prevention-control and search-rescue of cities and provinces to closely monitor the weather forecast newsletters and the developments of the tropical depression, while informing and guiding captains and owners of boats operating at sea on the location and direction of the tropical depression to proactively escape or avoid entering the danger zone.

The local steering committees were also requested to maintain contact to deal with any dangerous situations in a timely fashion; get ready in terms of rescue forces and means to implement the work when required; and organise serious duty and regularly report information to the standing office of the Central Steering Committee and the Office of the National Committee on Incident and Disaster Response, and Search and Rescue.

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