Wild elephants destroy Nghe An crops
  • | dtinews.vn, VOV | September 13, 2019 12:58 PM
Wild elephants have destroyed a large area of crops in the central province of Nghe An’s Quy Chau District.

Cao Hoang Hai, chairman of Chau Hanh Commune, said that the commune set up a taskforce to assess the losses and help local residents improve awareness of how to avoid elephant attacks.


Crops damaged by the elephants in Quy Chau

On the evening of September 9, when people in Chau Hanh Commune were sleeping, they suddenly heard strange sounds. They awoke and saw two elephants eating their rice and crops. Then they tried to drive the animals away by using drums, music and even burning fire, but still failed.

According to local people, the elephants are the mother and her child living in Quy Hop area of Pu Hung Natural Reserves. They have only ravaged crops and posed no risk to people to date.

On September 11, the elephants continued appearing and damaging crops of a household in Chau Hanh Commune. Until now, crops of around 10 households have been affected by the elephants.

Nghe An has planned to spend VND18.7 billion (USD826,086) on preserving elephants which are at risk of extinction.

At present, there are roughly 13-14 elephants left in Nghe An divided into four small groups in Pu Mat National Park and near Pu Huong Nature Reserve.

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