Japanese firm eyes investment in Hanoi river pollution treatment
  • | dtinews.vn, NLD | December 04, 2019 02:36 PM
The Japan-Vietnam Environmental Improvement Joint Stock Company (JVE) has shown their interest in the initial investment in a project to help tackle the pollution in Hanoi’s To Lich River, using Japanese Nano-Bioreactor technology.

The company, which carried out the Japanese-funded pilot treatment of water pollution on part of the To Lich River and the West Lake using Japan’s Nano-Bioreactor technology, on Tuesday announced that they had found the solution on how to deal with the pollution of the entire To Lich River.


The Japanese-funded pilot treatment of water pollution on part of the To Lich River

According to a JVE representative, wastewater will be treated directly at drains by underground Nano- Bioreactor systems before being discharged into To Lich.

In case, the wastewater overflows or leaks into the river, it will be handled by other Nano-Bioreactor systems put in the middle of the river bed.

Once the project is successful, JVE will lease the Nano-Bioreactor technology to Hanoi for pollution treatment management.

The representative added that the Nano-Bioreactor technology, which has low investment, has high efficiency. It can thoroughly remove the bad odour of the wastewater, decompose the entire organic mud accumulated for many years into CO2 and H2O and protect the eco-system of the river. The system is easy and quick to install and the technology can deal with future increases in the wastewater.

The Nano-Bioreactor technology is also useful for pollution on farms.

JVE plans to co-operate with the Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on solutions to revive the country’s polluted rivers and lakes.

The pilot project to clean up part of To Lich River using Japanese Nano-Bioreactor technology was started on May 16. On November 10, the project ended and the equipment and nearly 100 Japanese carps which were in a tank in the river section with the cleaned water were moved to the West Lake for the test.

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