Dense mist worsens Hanoi air quality
  • | hanoimoi, dtinews.vn | February 13, 2020 04:19 PM
Air quality in Hanoi has worsened due to dense mist on February 13.


Dense mist in Hanoi

On the website moitruongthudo.vn, eight out of 10 air quality monitoring stations in Hanoi showed bad air quality level at 8.30 am. The air quality index was around 103-148. Kim Lien and Tan Mai areas were the least affected with an index of 88 and 99 while the station on Hang Dau Street reported an index of 148.

According to the Vietnam Environment Administration, the mist appeared because temperatures increased after some cold days. Humidity and drastic changes between day and night temperatures are the cause of the mist. At midnight and early morning, there was no wind and pollutants were trapped because of temperature inversion.

The Environment Protection Department, under the Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment, said the current air quality was harmful to the elderly, children and those with respiratory illnesses.

Citizens are advised to stay indoors and use face masks when going out.

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