Kon Tum villages suffer from dumping site pollution
  • | laodong, dtinews.vn | March 13, 2020 01:08 PM
Hundreds of households in Kon Tum Province are complaining about pollution from a nearby dumping site.


Overloaded dumping site in Kon Tum Province

For over a decade, hundreds of households in Village 1 and Village 5 in Sa Thay Town have to live with the pollution. They have filed many complaints about the problem but the local authorities proved to be indifferent and helpless.

According to the locals, they have to bear with the foul smell from the dumping site. A man collects the rubbish and burns it every day, polluting the surrounding area.

Duc, a local in Village 5, said, "Nearly 100 households have lived here for a long time and we’re all affected. We have to close our doors and windows tightly whenever the rubbish is burnt. Because of the pollution the children and elderly have suffered from respiratory diseases for years."

Thanh from Village 1 said, "Our family lives just 30 metres away from the dumping site. They only stop burning the rubbish during the rainy season. Otherwise, it's smoke everywhere."

Sa Thay Centre for Environment & Urban Services collects over 10 tonnes of rubbish each day. The rubbish is not classified and burnt together outdoors. However, the centre denied the accusation.

Nguyen Huy Du, the centre's director, said, "The dumping site has been overloaded for years now so it's natural that there is pollution. I've been transferred here four months ago so I don't know much detail about the complaints of the locals. We don't burn the rubbish. The locals burn the rubbish themselves."

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