Many rivers in northern provinces still polluted: Environment administration
  • | VNS | July 23, 2020 03:00 PM

Rivers in northern provinces are severely polluted, according to the Vietnam Environment Administration's report released recently.

A section of Nhuệ River suffered from serious pollution.

The worst pollution occurred in the Nhuệ, Đáy and Cầu river basins, according to the administration’s monitoring results at 185 stations in five river basins in northern provinces.

The main reason for the pollution was that the rivers have to receive domestic wastewater from Hanoi and Thái Nguyên and Sông Công cities of Thái Nguyên Province, and wastewater from craft villages of Bắc Ninh Province.

At the time of observation in April this year, the water level of Nhuệ River was quite low. The worst polluted section was from Liên Mạc to Cự Đà sewers.

In the Đáy River in Hanoi and Hà Nam Province, the water level was falling compared to the same period last year. The quality of water was so bad it could not be used for daily life.

On Châu Giang River in Hà Nam Province, the water quality was bad due to polluted water from Nhuệ Giang River and wastewater from Phủ Lý city.

Meanwhile, the water quality of Hoàng Long and Đào rivers in Nam Định Province were good enough for aquaculture and crop irrigation.

The water in Thái Bình, Đà, Lô, Mã and Chu rivers was clean enough to be used domestically or agriculturally, albeit with varying degrees of treatment, according to the report.

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