MONRE proposes formulation of Vietnamese Ramsar Site Network
  • | VGP | February 26, 2021 12:07 PM
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) has suggested the establishment of a network of Ramsar sites in Viet Nam for better conservation of the country’s important wetlands.

The move is an important step for Viet Nam to materialize the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance also known as the Ramsar Convention in Viet Nam and across the globe.

So far, nine wetlands in the country have been recognized as Ramsar sites. However, the management work of these ramsar sites remains difficult and inefficient. Ramsar sites have yet fulfilled preset goals and strategic plans which are stipulated in the Ramsar Convention. In addition, modest management competence was to be blamed for biodiversity erosion in some Ramsar sites.

Ramsar sites are combined in the system of reserve forests, resulting in poor management of wetland natures.

For example, in Tram Chim National Park, experts attributed the decrease in the number of Sarus cranes to forest fires which harmed the bird’s living environment, locals hunting them and poor management of water levels leading to a lack of food for the birds. In 2019, only 11 sarus cranes, the tallest species of flying birds on earth, were found. They recommended better water management to recover the ecosystem and take the initiative in preventing fires.

Viet Nam ratified and became the 50th signatory to this convention in 1989. It was also the first in Southeast Asia to do so.

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