Abandoned baby finds new home
  • | | February 27, 2010 10:52 AM

A one-week old baby who was abandoned in a trash bin has been adopted by Pham Cong Ngu at Moi Hamlet, Thach Binh Commune, Ha Tinh City.

“The baby is very cute and when I saw him crying for milk, I began crying. He was very unlucky to be abandoned on a cold night like this," said Ngu.

The abandoned baby

Visiting his house, Ngu told DTiNews how he found the baby. “On February 11, at 1AM, there was nobody on the national road but we were still awake because we had many things to do. While talking to my wife, suddenly I heard a motorbike stop right at my house’s gate, then the bike sped off. I felt like something was wrong and opened the door. I found a baby crying in my trash bin with very little clothing covering his body and a piece of paper left telling his birth date: born at 7.30AM on January 30, 2010."

Ngu has 4 children including 2 sons and 2 daughters. The oldest is in 9th grade and the youngest is 2. He has a small business store and his wife is a physics teacher. His family decided to raise the abandoned baby rather than send him to an orphanage.

Ngu's wife will be kept busier with an addition to the family

However, since adopting the baby, this family’s life has becomes more difficult. Without a mother's milk, the baby is fed with powdered milk.

The whole family has to help

Despite the difficulties lying ahead, Ngu’s family is happy about the new addition.

Happy family with the new member

Ngu said he turned down many offers from people who wanted to adopt the baby. “I reported the adoption to the local authority and named him as Pham Cong Thien An. I will try my best to bring him up as my natural son.”

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