Nghe An: Huge mountain crack threatens lives
  • | | September 23, 2011 04:09 PM

A crack over one kilometre in length has been discovered at the peak of Pu Cam Mountain, putting 37 households in Nghe An Province’s Xop Mat village in danger.

Lo Van Hung, Vice Chairman of Luong Minh Commune, Tuong Duong District told DTiNews that local residents in Xop Mat fearing the worse, as the crack has stretched to the communal office and affected Xop Mat Bridge that crosses the Nam Nhon River.

“The crack has caused damage to several houses. We plan to relocate people in the affected area soon. If the prolonged rains continue, it may lead to serious landslides and may destroy the entire village,” the chairman said.

According to Hung, a minor crack appeared on Pu Cam Mountain some years ago, but this is the largest yet seen.

On September 22, Nguyen Ho Canh, Chairman of Tuong Duong District People’s Committee led a working group to inspect the crack. Canh said the crack measured between 40 and 50 centimetres wide at its largest point, and reached a depth of 15-20 centimetres.

In order to ensure the safety of local residents, Canh requested the immediate relocation of 13 households.

From September 10, flash floods raged through Tuong Duong District, causing VND210 million’s (USD10,079) worth of damage.

Photos taken from the crack:


The crack measures 40-50 centimetres at its widest point

Pu Cam peak

To Luong Minh communal office

Xop Mat Bridge before the crack

And the aftermath

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