Dan Tri Bridge opens for use
  • | | May 24, 2010 12:17 PM

>> Construction of Dan Tri Bridge begins in Kien Giang

>> Dan Tri Bridge to help children learn

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Dan Tri Bridge, crossing over the Dai Canal, Tay Yen Commune, An Bien District, Kien Giang Province, was put in operation on May 22 with a great deal of joy from the people of Kinh Xang and Rach Coc hamlets.

Delegates walk through the Dan Tri Bridge

Although the inauguration ceremony of the bridge started at 2pm, dozens of pupils, along with over 100 local people, gathered at the site early to wait for the very important moment when the bridge would be opened.

Pupils from Rach Mui school were ecstatic because they finally have a safe bridge they can use to get to school.

Nguyen Van Tam, a 2nd grader said, “I do not have to cross the suspension bridge anymore. Now I will ride my bicycle over this new bridge to get to school. We feel great thanks to those who helped us to build this bridge.”

Le Van Banh, 70, a member of Tay Yen Commune’s Veterans Association shared his feelings, “We wished for a safe bridge for 10 years but we could not have one because we did not have enough money. Now, thanks to the help of donors, our dream has come true. There’s nothing happier than this. Most importantly, it’s safer for pupils to go to school now. Their future will depend a lot on this Dan Tri Bridge.”

Duyen, mother of a school girl who lost her life when she crossed the suspension bridge, probably felt most touched, “It’s unbelievable. There is now a bridge built over the canal. It’s a great joy of all people here. Although my daughter is gone, she would feel happy that her friends can get to school safely.”

Speaking at the event, Tran Hoang Mam, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of An Bien District said, “Tay Yen Commune faces a lot of difficulties and has many channels so they need many bridges over rivers. It’s a great joy for the commune when the Japanese Buddhist organisation, Shinnyo-En, and Dan Tri/DTiNews online newspaper helped build a bridge here. We want to pay a sincere thanks to all of you.”

Oota Ichiro from the Japanese Buddhist organisation, Shinnyo-En, shared, “Every year Shinnyo-En donates to Vietnam with an amount of money for social activities. In December 2009, Vietnam’s Association for Promoting Education recommended us to support a bridge for pupils of Kien Giang Province. We decided to spend half of our donation amount to sponsors it. Today, we are very happy to witness the inauguration of Dan Tri Bridge over Kinh Dai.”

Pham Huy Hoan, Editor in Chief of Dan Tri/DTiNews online newspaper cum Director of Vietnam’s Association for Promoting Education stated, “We would like to thank authorities of An Bien District and Tay Yen Commune for creating favourable conditions for the bridge construction. We also thank the contractor who built a high-quality bridge. In addition, we want to express our thanks to Japanese Buddhist organisation, Shinnyo-En, for all of their financial support.”

Hoan also said that he discussed the possibility of building other Dan Tri Bridges in other disadvantaged areas with the Shinnyo-En organisation.

The inauguration day of Dan Tri Bridge brings joy to the community

Dan Tri Bridge provides a safe way to school

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