Help comes to little girl with strange skin disease
  • By Pham Oanh-Le Nhung | | October 21, 2013 08:44 AM
 >>  Pain of small girl in Bac Giang living with strange skin disease

DTiNews has helped to transfer VND55 million (VND2,600) from kind readers to a little girl in Bac Giang Province, whose body is covered with black spots.


 Huong scared of meeting strangers

Since birth, the whole body of Phan Thi Huong, of Khe Nghe Village, has been covered with black spots which cause itching and discomfort. The spots also make the 6th grade girl's embarrassed to meet other people.

Because of her family's poverty, Huong has never been to hospital. Her father has since reclaimed a plot of forest land to grow cassava from which they hoped to earn enough money to take her to hospital. However, Huong's illness has continued to get worse over time and has affected her eyesight. Pus has appeared and her skin started to crack and bleed.


 Huong helps mother do housework

Despite the pain, Huong has always studied hard and helped out with housework. Tran Thi Dau, Huong's mother, said, "I know she loves me because even with her poor eyesight, she still helps me wash the dishes and clean house."

Huong's situation has moved many hearts after being published. Her family said they received many calls of encouragement and small gifts. The girl was so delighted when she got the presents.


 Huong's family receives donation

On October 14, DTiNews, the Party Secretary of Khe Nghe Village Duong Van Quang, and headmaster of Vinh Ninh Secondary School, Nguyen Duc Thanh, arrived at Huong's home and gave her a total aid of VND55,660,000 from the donors.

Phan Van Thang, Huong's father said, "I've never seen such a huge sum of money. I'll use this money to take Huong to hospital."

Quang and Thanh also sent his thanks to DTiNews and generous readers who have supported Huong.

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