Ethnic boy has to walk to school on his knees
  • By Dang Duc | | January 07, 2014 08:53 AM

A disabled boy in the 7th grade from the Van Kieu ethnic minority group in central Quang Tri Province has been attempting to overcome his disability by walking to school on his knees for years.


 Dao goes to school on his knees

Ho Van Dao, a 13-year old boy who attends Pa Nang Ethnic Minority Boarding School, has always been at the top of his class. According to Dao, he does not want to depend on other people and tries to prove that he can also do anything the other students can. "My legs are no longer my hindrance. I'm only afraid that my health won't allow me pursue my dream and repay teachers' kindness," he said.

Dao was a healthy boy at birth. His disability came after a vaccination shot against malaria given when he was one year old. His father passed away the next year. Dao was determined, however, and started to learn to walk on knees by himself. At first, the other children made fun of him and did not want anything to do with him. This only fueled his determinations.


 He participates in physical education with friends

Dao said, "When I saw friends going to school, I also felt excited and insisted on going to school. My mother was reluctant, but she agreed because the school isn't too far from home."

Some people thought that his love for school would only last a few days but Dao proved otherwise. Even on rainy days, when the road was muddy, Dao still got to school, thoroughly soaked. After passing elementary school, Dao did not know if he should continue to study or not because the school was far from home.


 Taking care of daily tasks

Dao's mother was persuaded by her son's teacher, Ho Ngoc Vuong, who carried Dao on his back to school. The teachers have taken care of him as if he were in their own families and now Dao's legs have strengthened.

The vice head of the Pa Nang Boarding School, Le Thanh Tung said, "We understand his disability and help him in any way we can. We try to provide him with material things and skills and encouragement in facing his difficulties."

You can contact Dao through the address:

Ho Van Dao, 7B Class, Pa Nang Ethnic Minority Boarding School, Dakrong District, Quang Tri Province.

Mobile number of deputy headmaster Le Thanh Tung: 0942 080 225

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