Tet presents for disadvantaged people
  • By The Nam-Huynh Hai-Cong Binh | | January 24, 2014 03:07 PM

DTiNews, along with several other organisations, has sent donations to poor people in many regions to help them have a better Tet holiday.


 University students visit abandoned children at Long An Pagoda

A group of beauty pageant contestants from a university beauty contest that was held in Can Tho Province visited abandoned children at Long An Pagoda. When the children were found to be abandoned in front of pagoda's gate, the editor-in-chief of DTiNews named the children and provided support over the years.


Playing with the children

Huynh Thuy Vi, a member of the group, said they wanted to share a warmer Tet with orphaned children who could not enjoy normal holiday with their families. The group played with the children and gave them gifts. When they parted the group promised to return.

On January 23, the NutiFood Company visited abandoned children at the Red Cross Orphan in Danang and gave out 24 cartons of NuVita Milk.

Also, an ill infant was abandoned at the orphanage in Que Son District. After being brought to the hospital, the child was also named by DTiNews. Currently, the Red Cross Orphan is raising 23 children, however 15 have illnesses such as cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus.


 DTiNews and NutiFood gave 24 cartons of milk to the orphan

"We try our best but it's never enough because of their illnesses, so any help would do a world of good," said head of the orphanage, Tran Thi Nhi.

On the same day, DTiNews and NutiFood visited Son Ca Nursery and gave 65 cartons of NuVita milk. The children all have poor backgrounds and their parents working at Hoa Khanh Industrial Park, one of most disadvantaged areas in Danang City.

On January 20, Viet Capital Bank and the Study Promotion Fund gave VND10 million (USD476) to ten outstanding disadvantaged students at Trung Hoa and Yen Hoa secondary schools in Hanoi. This is part of a VND100 million support plan Viet Capital Bank aimed at aiding poor but promising students in Vietnam.


 Students at Trung Hoa Secondary School receive support

"I'm really happy, Now I can help my family a little this Tet. I'll also save some money for school supplies," said Hai Ngan, one of the students.

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