All alone in the world
  • | | June 23, 2010 02:35 PM

Nguyen Thi Hoai, in 9th grade, has been living on her own since she was 10 years old because her mother left her behind to pursue her own endeavors.

She is now studying at Thanh Cao High School in Thanh Cao Commune, Thanh Oai District, Hanoi.

She lives in a home which covers less than five square metres and is located in the garden corner of her aunt-in-law.

Visiting Hoai’s house at Ai Hamlet, Thuong Thanh Small Village, Thanh Cao Commune, Thoanh Oai District, Hanoi on a very hot summer day in June, we saw her holding a book in one hand and cooling herself with a piece of paper board in the other. If we came on a rainy day, we would have no place to sit.

Hoai’s simple home

Hoai told us about her stressful childhood. She never met her father who left her mother when she was pregnant with Hoai. Her mother went through a lot of challenges during pregnancy and delivery. When she was 10, her mother left her behind and got re-married. Since then, she has led an independent life.

Hoai shared, “Luckily for me, I learned how to make conical hats when I was 6 so I can make money by myself to cover my daily expenses and buy books.”

Her daily meals are very simple; vegetable and tofu. She has to struggle against difficulties unimaginable for a child her age. This leaves her in looking mature beyond her years.

Whenever it rains, Hoai feels sad and reflects on memories of the torn house where she and her mother lived together and she starts crying. She does not blame her mother or her father for her circumstances but she feels sad nonetheless.

After class, Hoai spends all her free time working to earn money. She never has any leisure time to hang out with friends or feel like the age she really is. She often stays up all night to prepare for her examinations. Her study results are always amazing.

Hoai nurtures a dream, “I want to become an airhostess so I can fly on the airplane and watch the sky to forget about my life on the land.” Hoai is striving to pass the entrance examination of a high school.

Hoai added, “I am worried about my future. There will be more challenges lying ahead; I do not know whether or not I can continue my studies but I have faith that my efforts will be rewarded. My current success in studies will encourage and inspire me to continue pursuing my schooling.”

Leaving the house of the energetic schoolgirl, we can only hope she achieves all of her dreams.

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