New bridge to replace “dangerous bridge” in Kien Giang
  • | | December 15, 2009 02:18 PM

After DTiNews ran the story on a dangerous bridge in Kien Giang that made a girl drown and others afraid to cross it to get to school, Shinnyo-En, a Japanese Buddhist organisation, has decided to donate a new bridge for the area.

In a recent meeting with representatives from Shinnyo-En, DTiNews’ Editor-in-chief Pham Huy Hoan mentioned the case of a 10-year-old girl, who fell off a primitive bridge in Tay Yen Commune, An Bien District, Kien Giang Province and drowned.

Shinnyo-En's representatives met with DTiNews' Editor-in-Chief.

The 34-metre-long bridge was made from simple wood and bamboo, and was virtually the only way for pupils in the commune to get to their Tay Yen 2 Primary School. After the accident, their families were afraid of letting the children cross the bridge by their own.

In response, Ichiro Ota, Shinnyo-En’s director of social cooperation, said the organisation would sponsor the construction of a new bridge in Tay Yen Commune for pupils to go to school and also for all the people in the area to cross the river safely.

Below are some new images of the current simple bridge, where DTiNews correspondents visited recently to find out more about the situation that put children in danger.

The bridge that Tran Thi Be Ngoan fell off on Nov. 22 and drowned.

For many years, children have had to cross the 34-metre-long bridge to go to school.

After the accident, children have to wear life jackets when crossing the bridge and must be accompanied by adults.

The handrail is too big for children's hands.