Motorbike-taxi drivers give first aid to traffic victims
  • By Hong Nhung | | June 30, 2014 08:50 AM
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A group of motorbike-taxi drivers in Binh Duong Province have formed a team to give free first aid to victims of traffic accidents.

The group has gained some notoriety among the community of Di An Township because of their willingness to arrive quickly at crash sites and give aid, regardless of weather conditions.


Ten-member first aid team

“I’ve been part of this group for five years. Before, I felt helpless when I would see people on the street injured and in pain. Now I know how to help because of training. There were even times that victims of accidents were unintentionally made worse by efforts of those not trained in first aid," said Pham Ngoc An, one motorbike-taxi driver who joined the group.

He added that he is also more confident to step forward as a witness when there is an accident in which the one who caused it denies culpability

The group was set up under and an initiative of the Red Cross. Teams are provided with first aid training, and has helped over 2,000 people.

“On the weekends there are a lot of drunk drivers. The mixture is not good and it leads to a lot of accidents. Sometimes there are several we hear about at once and respond to, even though they may be in different locations," said An.


Monthly training

Even though most motorbike taxi drivers struggle to earn a living for themselves, they have not hesitated trying to save others' lives.

"A month ago or so, I helped carry a victim to the hospital, where he was treated. He was so grateful that he came back to find me and give me some money. I refused though," said Nguyen Van Tan, from Thanh Hoa Province.

It has not always been easy for the teams to operate, however. Phan Tuan Thao, Chairman of Di An Ward Red Cross Association, said, “At first, there were incidents in which family members or friends of victims misunderstood the intentions of our teams. Some have even been attacked trying to help. But, as the community continues to recognise the work we are doing, it has become easier to get funding and even provide uniforms for those who take part."

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