Near blind mother sings to support ill twins
  • By Thien An | | January 08, 2015 11:39 AM

A woman from nothern Hoa Binh Province is singing in public and selling toothpicks to try to earn enough money to support her ill twin daughters.

Do Thi Nhat, from Truong Yen Hamlet of Ngoc Luong Commune, works up to 150km from her babies after she was abandoned by her husband just before she gave birth to twin girls, Thu Thao and Quynh Huong.

 Nhat meets her baby Thu Thao in Hanoi City

“My babies were born in late 2013. When Thu Thao was 20 days old, I had to send her to a pagoda in my hometown to call for support as her sister Quynh Huong suffered from serious pneumonia and was sent to the central Padiatrics Hospital for medical treatment. I couldn’t take care both at the same time, and my father is blind, so my parents can only help a little,” Nhat said.


Her second baby Quynh Huong is living in Hoa Binh Province

Quynh Huong is still regularly plagued by pneumonia, while Thu Thao has cataracts and needs medical treatment.

“I have no money to provide my children with medical care. I myself have problems with my eyes, so I have only limited vision. I can do nothing but sell toothpicks and sing in public to beg for money from passers by,” she said.


Nhat’s father is blind 


Her mother is old and cannot earn money anymore

Nhat is working in Hai Duong City in the northern province of Hai Duong, about 150km from her babies. Quynh Huong is taken care of by her grandparents in Hoa Binh while Thu Thao is living with the family of Nhat’s friend in Hanoi.


Nhat wishes she can take care of her babies daily 

“I miss my babies very much but I can’t see them very often as I do not have enough money for the transportation," the mother says. "I had a few chances to meet my babies over the past year. My earnings are just enough to buy milk and diapers for my children."

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