DTiNews readers help build classrooms in mountain province
  • By Song Lam | | April 10, 2015 04:47 PM
 >>  Dilapidated school barely stands against winter wind

DTiNews is working with the Education Department in Lai Chau Province to rebuild three dilapidated classrooms there.

Ground-breaking ceremony

Readers donated VND445m for the VND492m project, local authorities raising the balance. The ground-breaking ceremony was held on April 8, attended by the director of the Department of Education, the vice chairman of the Tan Uyen District People's Committee, a representative of DTiNews and teachers and students of Na Coc Educational Facility.

Na Coc Educational Facility has 46 nursery school and 76 primary school students.

Two classrooms built in 1995 collapsed and makeshift rooms were erected, but they lacked walls, exposing the students to the winter weather. Teachers hung fabric to act as a windbreak.

The school also has trouble even providing lunch for the students Teachers have to use meat sparingly so each student can have a little each day. Monthly tuition is VND10,000 because money is scarce in the poor community.

The only building that remains intact was built in 1995 but is on the verge of collapsing too. There are no toilets and the nearest do not have water. Despite the harsh conditions, both teachers and students do their best with what they have.

Dilapidated classroom at Na Coc Educational Facility

After news of the school's needs was reported by DTiNews, authorities of Tan Uyen took down two make-shift rooms in the interests of child safety and hygiene, but they were unable to fund new structures, so the affected children had to sit in on other classes.

Readers of DTiNews donated VND445m after four months. A group of philanthropic parents donated VND160m and the Golden Gate Restaurant Group donated VND127m.

Do Van Giam, the director of the Lai Chau Department of Education, said, "We want to extend out gratitude to everyone who are helping us build three new classrooms for the children. The classrooms will be completed in two months."

Nguyen The Nam, a representative of DTiNews, said, "This year, we will boost the programme to build more classrooms for students. This is only the first such project, a new milestone for our charity work over the past 10 years." 

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